The Hierarchy of Recovery

There are multiple different ways to recover a stuck vehicle, which begs the question. Which way will be the quickest, safest and most effective method of recovery?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all answer to this as it really depends on the situation at hand. Prior planning and assessing the situation will both be contributing key factors in ensuring a successful, and most importantly SAFE recovery.

Sure, there are times where a quick recovery is vital. Beating an oncoming tide, a water crossing that is unexpectedly too deep or possibly a mud hole that you underestimated. We’ve all been there! Assessing the situation, and executing the right form of recovery will ensure a safe, speedy recovery.
Within part 2 of our recovery vehicle series, “The Hierarchy of Recovery”. Borgy and Leash discuss “SWAY”. Self-recovery, winch recovery, assisted recovery and lastly (but most importantly) you and your safety. Here you will learn some handy recovery tips and methods to safely recover a vehicle and ultimately provide you with the confidence to go further!

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