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Dealer Portal Overview
The Tough Dog dealer GVM portal has been designed to complete GVM orders in one location from start to finish.  The system also includes the training program that is required before the process of ordering is unlocked.

Training Section

Upon first login, dealers are required to complete the ‘Suspension Basics’ training course prior to ordering kits.  The ordering process is not accessible until the training is complete.  Training includes important information on the features of the Tough Dog program, and the function of the components included in a Tough Dog kit (GVM or otherwise) TD Admin

Ordering & Compliance
Ordering & Compliance

 The Dealer Portal ordering and compliance is comprised of 4 key sections.  The function of each of these sections is described below:

  1. Start GVM Order - This is where the process starts for every new customer order.  Fill in the fields using details from the candidate vehicle to complete the order.  The system will not accept an order for submission if the details are not all completed.  If you do not have all of the required details, the system allows you to save the partially completed order and retrieve it for completion at a later date.
  2. Finalise GVM Fitment – This is where the vehicle compliance data is completed for record keeping requirements.  Fill in the fields and submit the required photos to complete the finalisation of the kit.  Kits must be finalised promptly, and within 30 days of placing the kit order.  A completed copy of the finalisation form should be printed and given to the customer on every occasion.
  3. Draft GVM Orders & Fitments – This is where partially completed orders and kit finalisation can be retrieved and finished at a later date.
  4. Archive GVM Orders – This is an archival record of all completed kit orders for retrieval for later reference.
Secondary Portal Functions
Secondary Portal Functions 
  1. Training Courses and Certification – This is where initial training is completed and the results recorded.  You can retrain as many times as you like, and new courses will be released regularly covering all parts of the Tough Dog product range.
  2. Dealer News & Alerts – This section contains product announcements as well as any other news important to dealers.
  3. Instructions & Manuals – In this section, dealers are able to download any section of the paperwork that comes with the Tough Dog GVM Upgrade kits, including instructions, Engineering letters and owner’s handbook paperwork. 
  4. Do you Need Help? – In this section, dealers are able to review portal use instructions, and helpful tips on the completion of GVM orders. 
Personnel Qualification
All staff members of the eligible site must be given their own GVM Dealer Login through the GVM Portal.  In order to qualify for full access to the dealer portal, the staff members must complete the training program required by Tough Dog Suspension in the portal environment.

All eligible sites must have an appointed person to act as the point of contact – usually a store manager or owner.  This person assumes the responsibility for the site’s ongoing compliance.

All eligible sites must only allow the fitment of Tough Dog GVM upgrades by qualified mechanics with a current mechanic’s licence.  Compliance is the responsibility of the GVM point of contact at that site.

Record Keeping Requirements
Tough Dog authorised GVM dealers must keep accurate records of every GVM kit installed using the GVM Dealer Portal software provided by Tough Dog Suspension.  Attempted GVM upgrades outside of the portal software may not be eligible for GVM completion.
It is the responsibility of the dealer to:
  • Provide the customer with a completed copy of their purchase invoice
  • Provide the customer with a copy of all paperwork received with the GVM Upgrade kit
  • Provide the customer with a printed copy of the finalised GVM form created by the dealer portal system
  • Liaise with a certifying engineer in the case of Post-Rego state fitment, and provide to that engineer all necessary documentation as required.
Equipment Required
Eligible sites must have the minimum required tools to perform the fitment of GVM kits in a safe and professional manner.  Where calibration is required, dealers must be able to provide proof of calibration performed within the specifications of the manufacturer of the tool in question. The minimum required tools include:
  • Torque Wrench – required to secure fasteners to the specifications stipulated in the instructions provided with each GVM upgrade kit.  The Torque Wrench must be calibrated in accordance with its manufacturer’s specifications.  Proof of calibration must be provided upon request.
  • Electronic device capable of photography – The Tough Dog dealer portal requires you to capture images, the software is built to be mobile device friendly, we recommend the use of a tablet or smartphone.
  • Vehicle hoist with suitable load capacity for the vehicle being upgraded.
  • Under hoist stands with a minimum load rating of 500kg.
  • Workshop hand tools as necessary for the completion of the GVM upgrade fitment.
  • Vehicle weight scales with an operating window suitable for the vehicle to be upgraded.  If weight scales are not kept by the business, proof of access to a vehicle weight station recognised by the state roads traffic and registration authority in your state must be provided.
The appointed GVM point of contact is responsible for ensuring that the site has the required minimum tools and the up to date calibration of those tools in accordance with their respective manufacturer’s specifications.

Auditing Requirements
By entering into and participating in the GVM upgrade program offered by 4 Way Suspension, eligible sites are required to allow duly authorised representatives to conduct audits and site inspections at random.  Audit and inspection may include:
  • Certification of staff and privacy of login details per staff member.
  • Presence and condition of tools required for the performance of GVM upgrades.
  • Proof of calibration (certificates or similar proof) of all tools and instruments and that the calibration performed are in line with manufacturer’s specifications.
In the event that a site does not pass the requirements of the audit, the site will be required to remedy the identified issues within 14 days.  Completion of GVM upgrades will not be permitted until such time that the site has remedied the breach, and the remedy has been verified by the representative of 4 Way Suspension Products.
In the event that consistent breaches are identified, the site may be suspended from participating in GVM Upgrades.  The decision to suspend or reinstate sites remains with 4 Way Suspension Products and all decisions made are final and not negotiable.