Best 4WD Shock Absorbers

We’re pretty proud of ourselves at the moment. 4WD Action magazine recently did a big shock absorber comparison and when the dust had cleared, guess who came out on top?

The Dogs!

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Best 4WD Shock Absorbers

They even gave us a trophy!

You can read the full article in the link above, but we thought we’d pull out a couple of relevant quotes…

The Tough Dog Foam Cell came in with the longest stroke out of the rear shocks we tested. It was also the equal-first largest bore size at 41mm, and the only shock to utilise the foam cell design. They were one of the only shocks to have a secondary stone guard skin on the vulnerable lower section of the rear shocks. A combination of great value for money and outstanding performance helped the Tough Dog Foam Cell take the crown of Best Shock Overall amongst some serious competition.

Yep. Serious competition indeed. The Tough Dog shock proved to be the best 4WD performers overall compared to big names like Bilstein, Koni and Old Man Emu.

With price, on- and off-road performance and long-term durability in mind, we were able to crown the Tough Dog 41mm Bore Foam Cell as the Best Overall Shock…

We’d like to say thanks to 4WD Action mag (it’s a great read, by the way) for all your kind words.

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