Tough Dog Warranty, Refund & Returns Policy


Payment for Goods must be made up front and in full by credit card at the time of ordering. All transactions are in Australian Dollars Only.


Our Credit, Warranty and Refund Policy provides additional benefits to those under Australian Consumer Law. 

Goods for credit or exchange must be returned to the nominated Dealer locations that the goods were collected from within fourteen (14) days of invoice date accompanied by a completed Returns Form. Goods returned for the purpose of warranty claim must also be accompanied by the returns form along with a copy of the customer invoice.

Claims will undergo a two step inspection process. The initial inspection shall be carried out by the dealer location that the goods were originally purchased from. If further inspection is required, the parts must be returned to 4Way Suspension Products Pty Ltd Head Office. Freight charges associated with returning items will be the responsibility of the purchaser except in the instance of incorrect parts supplied as a result of an error by 4Way Suspension products, its employees or its authorized representatives.

Please note that 15% of the total value of the returned goods will be charged in the event that repackaging is required.


• Parts that have been incorrectly installed
• Struts that have been assembled with the use of any tool other than hand tools (no rattle guns etc)
• Load bearing strut bushes that have been tightened while hanging.  Strut bushes must be tightened while the vehicle is on the ground supporting its own load.
• Interference between shock absorber and other suspension components
• Parts that have been involved in a motor vehicle accident or have been bent or have been physically damaged by impact of any kind.
• Parts showing evidence of improper tightening of the mounting bolts causing parts to wear or bend
• Gripping tool marks (vice grips or multi grips) or any other tool made mark on the polished chrome section of the shock absorber shaft
• All parts subjected to abuse.
• All parts used in Off-road or other racing events or activities
• Any special order parts
• Parts fitted to vehicles weighing more than original GVM.
• Please Note: Any components built to a special order or specification outside the catalogue listings is not covered by warranty. This is because the manufacturer is unable to design components to withstand stresses in applications the R&D has not approved.


A Copy of proof of purchase by the retail customer must be attached to the claim including the kilometre reading at the time of fitment (if applicable). Each 4WD Suspension fitted must have a fitting sheet completed and kept on file by either the vehicle owner or the fitment centre performing the work. Failure to produce the fitting sheet may affect the warranty of the product.

53mm Ralph & 45MM
4 Year/unlimited km 3 Year/unlimited km
35mm Nitro Gas Shocks 3 Year/unlimited km Not Applicable
Foam Cell & 40mm Adjustable 4 Year/unlimited km
3 Year/unlimited km
RTC/EXT/SV Dampers 4 Year/unlimited km 3 Year/unlimited km
Leaf Springs 4 Year/unlimited km 3 Year/unlimited km
Coil Springs (up to 2”) 4 Year/unlimited km 3 Year/unlimited km
Coil Springs (above 2” Lift) 3 Year/unlimited km
3 Year/unlimited km
Upper Control Arms  4 Year/unlimited km 3 Year/unlimited km
AirAssist Products  4 Year/unlimited km 3 Year/unlimited km
GVM Upgrades  4 Year/unlimited km 3 Year/unlimited km
Recovery Equipment 3 years (material & manufacture) 3 years (material & manufacture)


DIY suspension fitment does not affect the warranty application or term as long as the following conditions are adhered to:

• A fitting sheet is completed prior to the suspension being fitted and filed for later reference,
• The Above fitment sheet accurately and clearly includes bottom of rim to wheel arch measurements for all four corners of the vehicle both before, after and at the 500km check service.
• U-Bolts must be replaced at the time of fitment. U-Bolts are a ‘stretch fit’ item, and should not be torqued to tightness twice. Re-using U-Bolts puts the vehicle and occupants at risk.


4way Suspension Products Pty Ltd’s product warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of defective or faulty parts and does not include any costs incurred in labour for the removal or re-fitment of parts or damage incurred as a result of the product’s fitment.


For any enquiries regarding your order at any stage, please contact the team at Tough Dog Suspension at