LDV T60 Suspension Released

Whether you are looking for improved handling, improved load carrying capabilities or improved performance off-road, Tough Dog are sure to have a solution for you!

The team at Tough Dog have developed a foam cell and a 9 stage adjustable foam cell option for the front and rear of the T60. Matched with the option of a 0 – 300Kg, 300Kg constant load and 500Kg constant load leaf spring in the rear. Along with the option to suit a bullbar or a bullbar and winch on the front. No matter how you use your LDV, we’re sure to have a combination to suit your needs!

Our foam cell technology will be sure to outperform the standard OEM shocks in the toughest of conditions. The foam fell construction ensures that the gas it trapped separate from the oil using its micro-cellular construction to ensure maximum resistance to fade. Whether it’s for work or play, a Tough Dog suspension kit will provide a noticeable improvement over standard!

The LDV is rumoured to be similar to the Holden Colorado in suspension design.  Now while there are some similarities between the two vehicles, they are definitely not the same!  We've assembled a short list of the changes that we noticed during R&D:

  1. Front Strut mounting is different:  The lower strut mounting location is slightly different to the Holden unit which results in the need for an extended mounting peg to ensure clearance between moving components.

  2. Rear Shock valve change:  Holden Colorado rear shocks will physically bolt in to the rear of the LDV, but the valving between the two shocks are very different, with the LDV requiring substantially softer valving to achieve a comfortable ride from the vehicle.

  3. Centre Bearing Kit:  The LDV can suffer from some drive line vibration as a result of the lift, which is not a symptom in the Colorado.  As a result, Tough Dog has created a centre bearing spacer kit to guard against vibrations in the LDV applications.

  4. Headlight Levelling relocation kit:  The LDV is equipped with self levelling HID headlights from factory, which means that the rear suspension is equipped with a levelling arm that helps the headlights establish the correct angle with varying rear loads.  AS a result Tough Dog have created a headlight leveller relocation kit for the LDV to ensure that factory headlight angle is retained after the lift is created.

  5. Must fit greaseable pins & shackles:  Tough Dog's greaseable pins & shackles must be used with the LDV kit to ensure correct fitment between the pin & the bushing as well as maximum bushing life.

All of the product available for the LDV T60 is covered by Tough Dog's 3 year, unlimited kilometre warranty to give you total peace of mind that your product will go the distance and then some.  Our LDV T60 kits are available now!
Get yours today from your nearest Tough Dog dealer, or by visiting our website.
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