Recovery Gear Explained

Setting up your 4 Wheel Drive prior to a big trip can be an overwhelming, although an exciting experience. And rightfully so, as your preparation will set the tone for your entire trip.

When you think of pre-trip preparation, the first few items that come to mind are bull bars, fridges and lighting, just to name a few! While these items definitely have their place, a quality recovery kit can often be overlooked.

Whether you’re a cross country explorer, or a weekend warrior, having a quality recovery kit onboard is a good piece of insurance for when the going gets tough!

With that said, it is imperative to know how to use your recovery gear to perform an effective and safe vehicle recovery.

Snatch straps, recovery blankets and tree trunk protectors. How do you know what is what? And how can you safely recover your vehicle?

Welcome to our new recovery video series! The first video in the series “Recovery Gear Explained”, we chat to Borgy and Leash from The Off-Road Adventure Show and ask them to explain the purpose and application of each item you’ll find in a Tough Dog recovery kit. 

Throughout the series, you’ll learn how to safely utilize your recovery gear, what recovery gear you should carry and of course see the gear being put to the ultimate test!


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