Recovery Tips - Snatch & Tow

As fun and effective as a snatch recovery can be, there is a certain level of danger imminent if executed incorrectly. For example, failing to utilise a recovery blanket, attaching the strap to non-rated recovery points such as tow balls or tie down points or simply just by using a damaged or defective strap.

It is advisable that every 4wheel driver holds a certain degree of knowledge on how to operate a snatch strap. With over 7.6 million square kilometres within this rugged country to explore, you just never know when you may need to put your knowledge into practice!

With that being said, we present “Recovery & Tow”. Part 4 in our recovery series. Here Borgy and Leash will teach you some vital practices whilst operating a snatch recovery. As well as some important characteristics of how a snatch strap works, which in result will arm you with the knowledge to keep you and your family safe every time you head out on the tracks!

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