Recovery Tips - Winching

A winch can be one of those items that you may not need to use often, then thank your lucky stars that you have one when the going gets tough. One of the best modifications you can buy for your vehicle is a quality winch. Especially if you put your vehicles to the test as much as we do!
Winches are not just for self-recovery, along with a good recovery kit they are just as useful for recovering others, or even clearing an unexpected tree that may have fallen across the track.

Having a winch on the front of your 4wheel drive is one thing, knowing how safely use it is another! Much like snatch recoveries, knowing what technique you should be undertaking and following safety protocols is imperative to ensure the safety of yourself and others on the tracks!

For example - single line pulls, double line pulls and re directing your winch line are just some handy techniques that can be used.

During part 3 of our recovery series, “Winching”. Borgy and Leash teach you some handy techniques on how to safely operate and get the most out of your winch for when the going gets tough!

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