The Tough Dog Cash Back Sale is coming!

The 2015 Tough Dog Tuff Truck Challenge Australia is upon us!  The competition will be heating up at Millbrodale in NSW over the weekend of the 17th, 18th and 19th of April, and we would love to see you there!  Tough Dog suspension has been a major supporter of the Tuff Truck Competition, with our association now entering its eleventh year, we wanted to do something special, to say thanks to all the supporters of the sport and of the Tough Dog brand.  And what better way, than to offer you great deals on Tough Dog Suspension Product.

Whats Going On?

In a nutshell... Tough Dog suspension products bought from an authorised Tough Dog Preferred Distributor are eligible to claim a 10% cash back from Tough Dog.  Every Tough Dog item bought at RRP through an authorised store, can apply for the savings.  The Tough Dog Cash Back Sale is the first time that we have offered anything like this across all of Australia, and we are very excited to be able to bring it to everyone.  The sale is on from the 17th April through to the 30th April 2015.

How do you take advantage?

Getting your 10% cash back for the suspension purchase could not be easier!  Just follow the easy steps below.

1: Find your Local Dealer  - Head to the Tough Dog Dealer Locator page and enter your postcode to find the dealer closest to you.

2: Buy the Suspension you need - Head in store and talk to the staff at your dealer to crete a suspension package that suits your application. If you aren't sure, the Tough Dog Kit Builder is the fastest way to ensure that you're picking the right gear for you.

3: Download and print the Tough Dog Cash Back Application Form here, and fill out every field.  Make sure to attach a copy of your invoice! Then fax or email the form to 4Way Suspension Products at or on (02) 9672 8099. We will then sed you a cheque or an electronic transfer to the value of 10% of the value of the Tough Dog items that are on your invoice. Its that simple!

The Terms & Conditions of the cash-back sale are listed on the Application form - so make sure to read them all to make sure you don't miss out!

If you need any more information, the Tough Dog team will be out in force at the main Tough Dog tent on Trade Alley at the Tuff Truck Challenge, come and say G'day!

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