Tough Dog TrackRanger

At Tough Dog HQ, we aren’t just 4WD suspension makers, we’re 4WDers too!
When we’re not in the office, chances are you’ll find us involved in one outdoor activity or another, and we figured we’d share a few of those with you.
Cookie, the marketing manager for Tough Dog Suspension is one of the guys that’s especially fond of an adventure of a weekend.  You might have seen his six week long trip to Cape York in September last year. (click here to see more!)

Dave has also traveled through the Brindabella Ranges, Barrington Tops and even crossed the Simpson Desert in 2015 as part of Tough Dog's involvement in The Offroad Adventure Show on Channel Ten.  Having been Offroad in every state of Australia over the last 8 years in the 4WD Industry, Whether it’s by 4WD, bike or any other means of adventure vehicle… Dave is always keen to make tracks.

The Mighty Patrol that took Dave to the tip of Australia is a great piece of kit, the need for a modern cab ute became too great, and so the GU Wagon has been retired for a very versatile Ford Ranger XLT dual cab utility.  As with any new vehicle, there comes a new list of accessories to be fitted, and a whole heap of new tracks that need to be made!  Follow the fit out and adventures of the new Tough Dog #TrackRanger as well as the rest of the Tough Dog fleet of vehicles on our Facebook and Instagram, as well right here at

Of course, the first accessory to make its way onto the TrackRanger is a complete 40mm Adjustable Suspension lift featuring complete assembly front struts and 0-300kg rear springs.  Want to get a kit for your adventure machine?  Click here to build your kit at our Build & Buy Online Page.
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