Exploring Yalwal – NSW South Coast

When we think “Offroad Adventure” we’re normally thinking of something miles from home, and epic in nature.  But not every adventure needs weeks of planning and a month off work to achieve.  This little Gem is hidden just a few hours south of Sydney, just inland of Nowra, and there is something for every level of 4WDer!  It just doesn’t get better.

Cookie led the team from the Offroad Adventure Show on this run, which starts at the Burrier Fire Trail, winding along a lazy route south, through some fantastic scenery, Low Range 4WDing to die for, and some of the best lookouts you can get.  One such spot is the Mackenzie lookout, which is at the Northern end of the Valley.  Hot tip, Sunset is really something special here!

Danjerra Dam, which covers the town of Yalwal is the scenic highlight of the trip.  With camping complete with amenities along the bank, this is a great spot to stop with the kids.  The dam itself has been stocked with Rainbow Trout & Bass.  Honestly though, they could stock the thing until there was no more room, and Cookie still wouldn’t be able to catch his dinner!

Heading further south, the Mintbush Firetrail is the gateway to a heap of fun tracks, and the Wombat flat camping ground.  But getting down there can be a challenge in itself!

Monkey Gum Track is the crown jewel of the 4WDing in this area though, and it did not disappoint.  But… On the first river crossing, Cookie let the team town, and promptly bogged his Ranger to the sils in the only bit of mud that could be seen!  We really don’t know how he does it!  It was interesting to see the way the two Rangers work so differently on the tracks.  Both are running on Tough Dog suspension, but Rick’s vehicle has the constant 500kg rear leaf springs, because of the constant load set up on his vehicle.  Cookie on the other hand doesn’t have much permanent weight, and is riding on the 0-300kg springs.  Rick’s weight balance forces the rear springs to work hard, and for the Ranger to give everyone a little wave every now and then, whereas Cookie’s tents to lift a rear wheel on the downhill.  Both set ups are more than capable.  To get the right gear under your adventure machine, head over to our Online Kit Builder here.

If you’re keen for a quick weekend away, this is definitely the spot to be.  Watch the full episode on

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