Basics of Suspension

Are you looking to upgrade your suspension on your new pride and joy, but perhaps don’t fully understand all the confusing jargon that gets thrown around when selecting the best suspension?

Or, maybe you would like a better understanding on the operation and characteristics of your suspension before you load up your 4wd and take the family on that much anticipated trip up to Cape York?

Here at Tough Dog, we are Four Wheel Drivers, just like you! We understand that choosing your next suspension set up, or even understanding some of the terms you may hear, like “compression and rebound”, “bore size”, “stroke length”, “suspension travel” and “valving”.  It can all seem a little overwhelming, and knowing whose advice to trust can be a daunting concept!

The good news is, we have made this process a little easier with our new series of training videos! Our “Basics of suspension” video is the first in the series, which will provide you a greater understanding on what’s happening underneath your vehicle as well as a greater understanding on the different components and terms used.  And ultimately, get you back to Making tracks across the world!  Check out the video and you’d be speaking the suspension language like a pro in no time.

If you’re ready to get the best out of your vehicle’s suspension, build your 4WD online now!
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