3 metre, 10 tonne tree trunk protector

3 Metre 10 Tonne Tree Trunk Protector
The Tough Dog Tree Trunk Protector is designed for use as both an equaliser strap for snatching, or as a tree trunk protector when winching.  Essential for every type of recovery! 


Always follow product instructions.
Never attempt to recover a vehicle without all the necessary equipment and only use equipment that is properly rated for the particular situation. If in doubt, don’t use it.
Consider undertaking training prior to use.

  • Length - 3 metres
  • M.B.S (Minimum Breaking Strength - 10,000kg
  • Reinforced Eyelets
  • Double Layer with centre stitching for extra strength.
  • 3 year warranty (material & manufacture)

3 metre, 10 tonne tree trunk protector