Torsion Bars

Torsion Bars 4WD suspension

Tough Dog Performance 4WD Torsion Bars offer a spring rate that is approximately 30% higher than OEM bars.

This dynamic increase in spring rate eliminates hard bottoming out when travelling off road and gives better handling in street applications. They can be installed with a moderate pre-load to raise the vehicle for better clearance off road, or to revitalise the handling characteristics at the standard height. These performance-proven, easy-to-install bars are especially beneficial when oversize tyres or frontal accessories are installed. Regardless of the torsion bar used, or the accessories fitted, a minimum 60mm of suspension droop (down travel) must be maintained.
Optimise your 4WD’s ride & handling characteristics with quality torsion bars from ToughDog!
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FRONT Torsion Bars

REAR Torsion Bars