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Leaf spring based suspension set ups generally have a bias leaning towards load carrying capability over ride quality. The design and composition of the shackle hanger and bushing material can make all the difference to your ride quality. This assembly is the spring’s first part to move in response to uneven terrain and bumps in the road. Tough Dog urethane is stronger than rubber components and has greater longevity and resistance to deterioration from chemical exposure. Urethane bushes respond well to greasing during operation and are created to retain flexibility for ride comfort. When required, steel tubes in the centre of the bush are hardened and chemically treated to resist corrosion. All of this will keep your leaf sprung vehicle in positive contact with the road surface and give you better tyre and suspension component life. Replacement urethane bushes are available for all Tough Dog leaf springs as well as for a range of other suspension bushing locations in vehicles. Tough Dog also have a range of coil spring spacers to assist in levelling and trimming live axle coil vehicles. Poured as a single piece urethane, Tough Dog spring spacers are available in various heights, depending on the vehicle and application.
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